Executive Apartments in the Community

Executive Apartments Inc. actively works within the Arlington community in a variety of philanthropic programs. As a Veteran-Owned Small Business, we understand the sacrifice of our nation’s military. We have worked in conjunction with the Wounded Warrior Program, and have also donated rooms for families attending Arlington funerals of fallen soldiers. Executive Apartments also runs the Army Ten-Miler every year in Washington, D.C., to help support our nation’s military.

We have also donated rooms for the Special Olympics, helping intellectually disabled children participate in their own Olympics. We believe in doing our part to better our community and our world.

A fundraiser was held in December 2012, in order to raise money for the Fisher House, which helps provide housing for families of wounded soldiers. We raised a few hundred dollars to support the cause, with generous donations from our clientele as well as our team members.

Executive Apartments Inc. is also a proud supporter and participant in the Hungarian Catholic Mission. The Hungarian Catholic Mission gives monetary support to the poor, impoverished, homeless, abused, and orphaned Hungarian people. For more information, please visit www.hungariancatholicmission.com. You’re just a click away toward easing the suffering of a homeless family, battered mother, or orphan child. Thank you for your generousity.