Have a question about living at an Executive Apartments community? Review these FAQs below or contact us to learn more.

Are Executive Apartments rates within the US government per diem lodging rate?
YES, Executive Apartments weekly and monthly rates are always within the US government per diem.

Are there Metro stops close to the apartment complexes?
YES, the majority of Executive Apartments are within an easy 5 minute walk to the nearest Metro station, giving you quick and easy access to the region’s high-speed rapid transit system.

Is there a minimum stay requirement for Executive Apartments?
YES, our minimum stay is three nights. However, on a space available basis, we try to accommodate all of our client’s needs.

Will I be required to sign a lease?

Is a security deposit required?
NO, security deposits and application fees are not required.

When can I Check In and Out?
Check-In is after 4pm and Check-Out is before 11am.

Are housekeeping services available?
YES, our furnished apartment rates normally include weekly housekeeping services for all non-discounted rates.

Are exercise facilities and swimming pools available at the apartment complex?
YES, you can enjoy the complete use of all building amenities including swimming pools and exercise facilities. Some locations also offer saunas, yoga rooms and indoor pools. Review our locations to learn more.

Are there restaurants and shopping close by?
YES, a wide variety of restaurants and stores are within an easy walk from each of our apartment locations.

What about parking my car?
YES, Executive Apartments provides one free parking space.